The Salur town is on the bank of river Vegavathi. Historically it was ruled by Tribal Kingdoms as it comprised a large Tribal belt. It is a boarder province of the state of Odessa. The National High way No. 43 connects the states of Odessa and Chhattisgarh to Visakhapatnam. The lorry transportation and agriculture is a prime occupation of the most of the people. It is next to Vijayawada in lorry transportation. Salur is a rural area and the Government Degree College started for the tribal belt in the year 1982 with Arts and Commerce groups with the help of local Lions Club under the chairmanship of Dr. Tangaraju. Later B.Sc. Science sections were started in the year 1997 for the development of rural sections and poorer sections of communities. It works to fulfill the motto “TAMASOMA JYOTIRGMAYA” (let us break the darkness and come into light). The Government Degree College, Salur, was started in a temporary building beside the river Vegavathi and later it was shifted into a new donated building by Lorry owners association.Government Degree College, Salur is established in the year 1982. Salur town is on the bank of river Vegavathi. The National Highway number 43 connects it to the states of Orissa and Chattisghad. It is located in rural and remote tribal belt. At the time of its inception it was the only Government Degree College in entire Vizianagaram District. The college at present has B.A(HEP), B.Com. and B.Sc with M.P.C and C.B.Z and M. P. Computer groups,  Maths-Statatics-Computer Science, Aquaculture.